Greco Modular Kitchens takes immense pleasure in sharing the experiences of its privileged customers. Listed here are some of the emails Greco received in the year of 2010.

  • Thank you so much. I just want to say that Greco’s modular kitchen range has helped me considerably. The efficiency of a typical kitchen and comfort brought to me is really amazing. I just enjoy cooking now
    - Priti Desai

  • The difference between Greco modular kitchens and local kitchens can exactly be compared to the difference between a designer wear and a dress stitched by your neighbourhood tailor. I was amazed at how our kitchen looked. So organised and it also offered ample storage by utilising the available space. I loved it thanks a lot.
    - Hemant

  • The issue of kitchen storage space in our cramped flat was successfully addressed by Greco, with their unique and innovative concept.
    - Monish B

  • What makes Greco modular kitchen different from a traditional kitchen is its stylish and modern design which looks much more beautiful with our home décor. Thank you so much Greco.
    - Kavita, Andheri

  • When we moved in to our new house, we wanted a modular kitchen. We opted for Greco and soon realised it was a wise decision. The kitchen installation finished earlier than expected. It has almost been 2 years now and our kitchen still looks good and stylish. We are quite satisfied, thanks to Greco.
    - Mruga Kochhar


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